Pre Purchase & Termite Inspections

Comprehensive visual timber pest inspection and report. Whether you are selling your house, purchasing a new property or would like to get your own home checked. Pest Pro Termite Solutions will conduct a thorough visual inspection to all internal and external areas of the property, including sub floors and roof voids, for signs of timber pests, timber decay and any conducive conditions present at the property. All inspections are done to Australian industry standards and are completed with a full, in depth report of all findings and recommendations for each client. 

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Termite Treatments

Termite treatments are required when live termite activity is found on a property. Termite infestations will need to be eradicated from the home and there are numerous ways in which this can be done. Typically a termite infestation can be treated through baiting, foaming or liquid termiticides, with the species and the area of infestation determining which method may be the most effective. A termite treatment will not protect a home from future termite ingress, which can only be prevented by implementing a complete termite management system.  

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Termite Management Systems

Termite management systems are options a home owner needs to think about when it comes to protecting their home from a future or recurring termite infestation. To protect a home from a termite attack, a complete termiticide treated zone or a bait monitoring system needs to be installed to the perimeter of the structure. The site of the property, the building design and your own preferences will all play a role in determining which system is best suited to your home. If there are no current termite issues at your home, you may wish to have a system put in place as a preventative measure, as prevention is always better than a cure. Pest Pro Termite Solutions are experienced in all management systems and pride themselves on delivering a quality, tidy and friendly service that is completed to all Australian industry standards. 


Pre-Construction Termite Barrier Systems

Whether you're building your new home or renovating, all approved construction work is required to have a physical termite barrier system installed during the pre-construction phase.  A physical termite barrier stops termites entering a structure undetected and makes them visual for treatment. Pest Pro Termite Solutions are fully accredited installers of Termseal Management Termite Systems and Greenzone Termite and Insect Barriers and are happy to work alongside you or your builder to ensure that your renovation or new build meets all building requirements

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Pest Control Treatments

Our subtropical climate is the perfect breeding ground for pests in and around your home. Whether it's cockroaches, ants, spiders,  bugs or rodents. Pest Pro Termite Solutions can treat any pest problems that you may have. Pest Pro Termite Solutions are  trained in all methods of pest eradication and can help keep your home pest and bug free.   

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